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VLC chokes on DJI drone videos. How to work around it, and the bug report

Yuval Greenfield
2 min readApr 27, 2022


I’ve been using VLC for years and never had a single issue. So this was surprising. I initially thought that my computer must be broken or that the video file was corrupted because I couldn’t imagine that VLC has a bug. It’s that reliable. I use VLC to diagnose other problems. I guess that’s changing now. Here’s what I saw when I tried to play a video…

Oddly enough, Windows Media Player (the app that comes with ©2013 in its about page) played the video flawlessly. My Chrome browser played the DJI videos smoothly too.

The workaround

Turns out that the problem has to do with hardware accelerated video decoding. Here’s how to disable that setting in VLC. First go to the Tools menu and click Preferences.

In the preferences, click on the Input / codecs tab. There in the Hardware-accelerated decoding setting chose Disable.