The Next CSS Frontier — Classless

What do you mean by “classless”?

<button type="button" class="btn btn-primary">Primary</button>

Why care

  • Classless frameworks are smaller because they don’t mention classes, and don’t pile custom widgets.
  • Classless is easier because you don’t need to look up the docs to find out which class does what. You just use standard HTML. Is the class “btn” or “button” in this one?
  • Classless start you off prettier than the mega-ui-frameworks because they’re designed for the plain html scenario.
  • The downside is you might have to bring in some of your own widgets. E.g. a shape-shifting menu bar. Are you sure you need a shape-shifting menu bar?
  • Classless frameworks are not just for communists. But I imagine communists would enjoy them even more.




* {



The Future




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